Give Your Home a Recycling Makeover

Did you know the plastics you recycle in your home can live on as beautiful, functional home décor?  Popular designer and TV personality Taniya Nayak has teamed up with Plastics Make it Possible® to show you just how many everyday plastics from around your home can be recycled and then made into gorgeous pieces to help transform various rooms throughout your home into stylish living spaces that contribute to sustainability. Be sure to watch our latest video below on the Living Room and Bathroom, and check out Taniya’s guest blog post for personalized tips on environmental friendly home decorating. Also, don’t miss Taniya’s videos on Outdoor Living Spaces and the Kitchen.


Guest Blog Post: Give Your Home a Recycling Makeover

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If you’ve seen me on HGTV or Food Network, you know I love to use great design to reimagine commercial and residential spaces—updating them with a fresh, clean look that’s both beautiful and functional. But what you may not know is that it’s also extremely important to me…

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Taniya Nayak

Known for her sunny smile and sharp eye, Taniya Nayak’s approachable take on interior design has won over everyone from rock stars to first time homebuyers. She is currently a part of major franchises on HGTV and Food Network, hosting the HGTV series House Hunters on Vacation and as a featured designer on Food Network’s Restaurant: Impossible. Taniya is also the host of the new HGTV special Billon Dollar Block, which premiered in October 2012.

Additionally, in 2005 Taniya started her design firm, Taniya Nayak Design LLC.
In April 2011, Taniya was honored with an Excellence in Design award from ASID New England.

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