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Whether it’s the latest video or compact disc, a favorite beauty product, drugstore prescription, or afternoon snack – advances in plastics’ flexibility, strength, and sealing abilities make them especially useful for a variety of packaging uses. Plastic packaging helps keep food and drugs fresh and safe until we’re ready to use them and allows our grocery dollars to go farther, making plastic packaging a smart solution.

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Game Day Recipe Challenge

Get ready for game day with help from plastic packaging and kitchen tools. Click here for delicious recipes and learn how plastics can help you plan your next game day party or tailgate.

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90% of Americans do the “sniff test” to check food

According to a survey, 9 out of 10 Americans admit that they sniff food from the fridge to make sure it’s good to eat!

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Food Waste

Plastic Packaging and the “War on Food Waste”

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How much of the food produced around the world is thrown out each year? It’s probably more than you think. Experts typically differentiate between food “loss” that happens in the supply chain and food “waste” that happens at the retail and consumer levels.