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Welcome to the source for innovative do-it-yourself tips for all of your home improvement and interior design projects using plastic! Learn how plastic can solve your design challenge from home improvement expert’s Jodi Marks and HGTV’s Brooks Utley.


Plastics in Your Energy Efficient Home

Learn how plastics can make your home more comfortable and sustainable.


Guest Blog Post: Doing More with Less in My Kitchen

Chef Robert Irvine, restaurateur, cookbook author, and television personality, tells how to save time and energy in the kitchen this holiday season with plastics.


A Creative Way to Organize and Beautify Your Home

By designer and television personality Taniya Nayak As a designer, I love finding ways to add my own personal touch to my home by transforming everyday items into something new. I especially love working with plastics because they can live on through recycling or reuse thanks to their durability and versatility. When you find additional…

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A Little Energy Saves a Lot

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According to some opinion surveys, many Americans harbor the misconception that plastics are an unwise use of energy since most are made from raw materials derived from fossil fuels. Surely if plastics are made from fossil fuels, they must be a net drain on our nation’s energy resources, right? Could the reality be different?