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Plastics are helping to drive advances in fuel efficiency, safety and comfort in cars, buses, trains, planes – and of course bicycles! Innovative materials such as carbon fiber reinforced plastic are increasingly used to build strong but lightweight vehicles. Plastic fabrics and foam make your ride more comfortable. And plastic seatbelts and airbags are key contributors to passenger safety.


Professor Plastic: Carbon Fiber Car Components—What’s That Got to Do with Plastics?

Professor Plastic has two words for you: carbon fiber. When planning and building our new cars, automakers are increasingly turning to carbon fiber!


Plastics in Motion

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Couple taking a road trip in a vintage convertible.

Hit the Road Jack: Plastics and Road Trips!

The iconic road trip is as American as apple pie. Countless families love (and loathe) the annual minivan trek to “grandma’s house.” And what group of college buddies hasn’t piled into a hatchback to cheer on their squad at a big away game?

So before you hit the open road, check out some important ways plastics make that road trip possible. From lighter car components that decrease weight for increased fuel efficiency, to handy, airtight packaging that helps keep road snacks fresh and within easy reach of the steering wheel.

Bumper to backseat, plastics provides amazing benefits, so dive in and follow our new travel correspondents on their journeys to find out how they utilize plastics to make their summer road adventures better than ever!

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Plastics Play Key Role as Automakers Seek to Produce More Fuel Efficient Vehicles

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Use of lightweight yet strong materials has become the order of the day for auto manufacturers that are constantly seeking ways to reduce the weight of cars and trucks in order to improve fuel efficiency, safety and design for consumers. Striving for better fuel efficiency A study conducted by the Department…


Polymer Composites are Heading from the Race Track to Main Street

The new BMWi car series is the most recent evidence that plastics and polymer composites, such as carbon fiber reinforced plastics, are bridging the material divide between high-performance race cars and passenger vehicles. A recent USA Today article reports that BMW’s new i8 and i3 cars both rely on carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) for the large “passenger cell” of the vehicles.