Plastics help us to do more with less in many ways. Because they’re durable, lightweight, and versatile plastics can help you reduce waste and consume less energy. From reusing refillable sports bottles to recycling your grocery bags, bottles or containers into new useful products, plastics can help conserve raw materials and reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills.

What Happens Inside Your Walls to Make Them More Efficient

Plastic Insulation Can Reduce Your Energy Consumption

How can you help regulate your home’s temperature without running up your electricity bill? Jodi Marks shows us how plastic foam insulation can help make our homes more efficient.


How Some Clever Engineering Makes Millions of Lives Better

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Previously published in Plastics Engineering and posted with permission from the Society of Plastics Engineers. A soft drink delivery crate. A mosquito net. A wheelchair made with patio furniture. What do these have in common? Well, they’re made with plastics. Plus, they’re inexpensive. But most importantly, they’re helping save or improve millions of lives in developing…