Recycling & Reusing

Recycling plastics has never been easier. Today, 94 percent of Americans have easy access to plastics recycling opportunities, whether you participate in a municipal curbside program or live near a drop-off site. Recycling plastics helps them go on to live a second life as new products. Many people reuse plastics – things like storage bins, sealable food containers and refillable sports bottles. These types of items can be used over and over to reduce waste.


Coca Cola Gives Bottles a Second Life

Check out this infographic that shows how they use plastic bottles to create new and stylish items.

Your plastic products have a second and even third life

A How-To Guide to Recycling Plastics

Follow these tips and you’ll see that it’s easier than you think to recycle and reuse everyday plastics.

kids recycling

Tips to Get Your Kids Recycling!

Recycling is an easy and fun family project any day of the year. Here are simple steps your family can take together to maximize your recycling at home.

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Four Surprising Facts About Plastics Recycling

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Sure, you know that you can recycle a lot of your plastics. But as technology advances, plastics recycling is evolving, so it can be tricky keeping up with the progress … even for the avid recycler. Here are four things about plastics recycling you may not know: Recyclers want your caps and lids: Don’t throw…