Living Green

Plastics play a key role in building a sustainable future by helping to conserve resources and energy. Lightweight packaging and vehicles save weight and fuel on the road. Innovative plastic packaging protects food in shipment and keeps it fresher longer. High-tech plastic insulation saves energy to heat and cool buildings. And many of today’s plastics can be recycled. We’ll show you how.

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Recycle and Buy Recycled

Help close the plastics recycling loop by living green.


Cool Roofs

We all know that wearing white or “cooler” colors can help keep us cool. Now scientists are applying this phenomenon in building and construction to create “cool roofs”…

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Improving Fuel Efficiency … Made Possible with Plastics

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Sometimes big environmental improvements come from unexpected places … While most of us know that drastically improving automobile fuel efficiency will reduce gasoline consumption and tailpipe emissions, we may be less familiar with exactly how our cars and trucks are changing to make that happen. The U.S. government recently announced stringent new Corporate Average Fuel…