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America Recycles Day: Get Inspired to Recycle More of Your Everyday Plastics!

November 15 has been America Recycles Day since 1997, the only nationally recognized day dedicated to promoting recycling in the U.S. Plastics Make it Possible® encourages you to get educated …motivated … and inspired to recycle more of your everyday plastics!

Not sure what to recycle? Plastics Make it Possible® offers the following tips for recycling plastics:

More than Bottles? – Find out which plastic products are accepted for recycling in your community – recycling programs vary across the country. Most curbside programs collect plastic bottles (any container with a neck smaller than its base), and an increasing number also accept rigid plastic containers such as yogurt and butter tubs. So look around your home – you may be able to recycle bottles and containers for milk, soft drinks and other beverages … plus salad dressing, cooking oil, condiments, peanut butter, mayonnaise, and other foods in your kitchen … plus shampoo, conditioner, laundry detergent, fabric softeners, and household cleaners!

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It’s a Wrap – Many grocery and retail chains offer bins to collect plastic bags and wraps for recycling. Bring back your bags from grocery, retail and dry cleaning stores, plastic bags that cover newspapers, and product wraps from items such as bread, paper towels, napkins, bathroom tissue and diapers.

Snip the Zip – Sealable plastic food storage and freezer bags can be recycled at the same stores that collect plastic bags. Remember to remove the sealing mechanism or zipper, and be sure bags are clean (no food remnants) and dry.

Close the Loop – Recycled plastics become second-generation products such as carpeting, fleece jackets and new bottles and bags (it takes only eight recycled plastic bottles to create a soft, new t-shirt). Look for innovative products made from recycled plastics at your favorite retailer.

Today, 94% of U.S. households have access to a recycling program that accepts at least one kind of plastic including water bottles, butter tubs, yogurt containers and shampoo bottles. LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW letting us know what items you recycle from your home for a chance to win some great products made with recycled material! The “Recycling Bin” giveaway contest is now closed.

Congratulations to America Recycles Day contest winner Jeremy Whistler!

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For some inspiration and fun, check out Bin It!, an exciting new app for iPhone, iPad and iPods that challenges you to recycle plastics! The recycling game is available for free download in the app store.

Follow this How-to-Guide to recycling plastics or check out these tips to get your kids recycling!

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